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New Wild Bird Food Products to Order.

White Horses Equestrian Products have secured a new UK supplier and as such can offer a full new range of Wild Bird Feed as listed below.

We are however, not big enough to be able to stock the entire range but can offer our clients an order service.

We are able to bring in deliveries every month and you can place your order, even if it is only for one bag, at no extra cost than the prices shown, which will then arrive on the next pallet and can be collected from the shop or delivered as per our normal delivery terms and conditions.

  • All orders must be placed by email to clarkjulie800@aol.com or in person at the shop.
  • All orders must be paid for in advance of shipping, by cheque, cash or bank transfer, details provided upon request.
  • All prices are correct at time of going to print.
  • All prices are dependent upon the value of the Euro to the GBP. This is to ensure we can offer our clients the best rates.
  • We cannot offer payments by card.

NEW FEEDS – All Feeds are sold under the feed and dosage guidance of the manufacturers and no responsibility can be taken by White Horses Equestrian Products after purchase of our products.

Black Sunflower Seeds 15kgs  
Monkey Nuts in Shell 11.36kgs  
Premium Small Fat Balls With Nets 16 x 6  
Premium Giant Fat Balls With Nets 500grms Each 12  
Premium Giant Fat Balls No Nets 500grms Each  12  
Premium Small Fat Balls No Nets 90grms Each 35  
Premium Small Fat Balls With Nets 90grms Each 100  
Premium Small Fat Balls With Nets 90grms Each 35  
Premium Small Fat Balls No Nets 16 x 6  
Premium Small Fat Balls No Nets 90grms Each 100  
Premium Small Fat Balls No Nets 90grms Each 150  
Premium Wild Bird Mixed Seeds 20kgs  
Niger Seeds 12.55kgs  
Peanuts 12.55kgs  
Premium Wild Bird Mix 12.55kgs  
Standard Wild Bird Mix 12.55kgs  
Sunflower Hearts 12.55kgs  
Wild Bird Feeder Seed 20kgs  
Peanut Granules 2kgs  
Bird Peanuts 25kgs  
Dried Mealworms 5kgs  
Niger Bird Seed 25kgs  
Raisins 9kgs  
Spikes Hedgehog Dry Food 2.5kgs  
Mini Suet Pellets Peanut & Cherry 3kgs  
Suet Pellets Berry 12.75kgs  
Suet Pellets Berry Refill 3kgs  
Suet Pellets Fruit Delight 12.75kgs  
Suet Pellets Insect 12.75kgs  
Suet Pellets Insect Refill 3kgs  
Suet Pellets Mealworm 12.75kgs  
Suet Pellets Mealworm Refill 3kgs  
Standard Wild Bird Food 20kgs  
Premium Wild Bird Food 20kgs  
Bird Peanuts 5kgs  
Niger Seeds 2kgs  
UNIPET – Suet Feast    
Half Coconuts x 4  
Coconut Feeder x 8