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White Horses Equestrian Products Open Day 12th March

Open Day 2016 | White Horses Equestrian ProductsOn Saturday 12th March 2016, we will be officially launching a brand new range of equestrian products from our latest associate stockist, Bea Stockdale.

Including some stable essentials, the new range offers our customers the opportunity to stock up, not only with high-quality, branded UK horse feeds, 100% dust-free bedding and equine supplements, but also with feed buckets, fly masks, head collars and much more, all from one place!

Bea will be here to answer any questions regarding stock or any other products you would like her to source for you and your horse.

High-quality equestrian products

Bea has drawn on her years of experience in the equine industry to select her range and to make sure her products tick all the boxes in terms of quality and value for money. As an equestrian herself, Bea understands the needs and requirements of her clients and their horses and aims to deliver exactly what she knows you want in your yard.

Here in north France, in the stunning countryside of the Mayenne region, White Horses Equestrian Products provides an invaluable service to many English clients who have been unable to source their favourite UK horse feeds here. Open since November 2015, Julie has already gone from strength to strength in her product range and is more than happy to source and stock the proven, branded feeds, bedding, supplements and care essentials that you relied upon and enjoyed in the UK.

Julie and Bea are excited to be working together with such high-quality products for your horses and look forward to meeting you on Saturday 12th March between 2pm-5pm. Come along and share tea, coffee and cakes with them and take a look at some exciting equine care products. There will be goodies giveaways and plenty of ‘horsey-talk’ for those who want to join in the fun.

Take a look at Bea’s page here.

For further information, please contact Julie on 02 43 04 74 61 or email her at enquiries@ukhorsefeed-france.com today.