White Horses Equestrian Products stock a range of equine supplements to work alongside your feeding regime to ensure optimum health, whether your horse is working, recovering or performing at his/her best.Our range includes Feedmark, Pro-Equine, Falcon and Simple System Ltd supplements such as:Clitheroe’s garlic.Falcon 100% apple cider vinegar.Brewer’s yeast.A selection of salt licks and much more.Feedmark are a member of the BETA Feed Code and their supplements are NOPS approved and recognised under the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme – the industry’s Gold Standard.Simple System Ltd equine supplements are registered with the Vegan Society, offering the additional assurance that products are free from animal-derived ingredients.All our supplements are formulated using quality ingredients, with the most advanced production techniques and quality assurance procedures.We carry a hand-selected range of the most popular supplements, however, should you require an equine supplement that we do not stock, we will be happy to source additional products for you, to add to our next shipment. Call us today on 02 43 04 74 61 to discuss your requirements.