Dengie Horse Feed

Dengie Horse Feed supports local farming and source many of their ingredients from their local area. As the company began as a farmers’ co-operative in 1968, they continue the same ethic today and keep their ingredients as fresh as possible.

Dengie Horse Feed and the ‘Fibre Revolution’

Research has shown that there are many ways in which moving away from a high fibre diet can affect the horse which include diseases and behavioural problems. 

Dengie has been undergoing a ‘Fibre Revolution’ – research conducted in recent years suggests that many diseases including laminitis, colic, gastric ulcers, Developmental Orthopaedic Disease (DOD), Equine Rhabdomgolysis Syndrome (ERS) and Polysaccharide Myopathy (PSSM) are linked to high starch diets.

Dengie Horse Feed in France | White Horses Equestrian ProductsDengie Horse Feed also advocates the use of alfalfa, and use locally-grown alfalfa as a base for its products range.

Alfalfa is a sustainable crop that gathers nitrogen from its environment and adds it to the soil, reducing the need for additional fertiliser, and provides sustenance for the local wildlife during the winter period.

At White Horses Equestrian Products, we stock a small range of Dengie Horse Feed, but are happy to add your favourite equine feed to our range. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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