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White Horses Equestrian Products is pleased to announce the launch of their new “Value Range” of UK Horse Feeds.

Following the drop of the UK Pound against the Euro, we are all feeling the ‘squeeze’, whilst still having to do the best we can for our equines and here at White Horses Equestrian Products we would like to help.

We will be keeping the following bags of feed in our Value Range in stock at the shop at all times, they include: For all of our Feeds In Stock at the shop – please visit our UK Horse Feeds in Stock page. Thank you.


Heygates Country Horse Feeds    
 WHEP89 Horse & Pony Nuts 20kg Bag €15.50
 WHEP92 Traditional Blend Coarse Mix 20kg Bag €16.50
 WHEP90 Twilight Senior Mix 20kg Bag €19.50
HoneyChop Horse Feed    
  HoneyChop Senior 12.5kgs €17.50
 Marksway Mollichaff Horse Feeds    
 WHEP95 Herbal Chaff 12.5kg Bag €14.50
 WHEP101 Mollichaff Hoof Kind 12.5kg Bag €18.50
 Titmuss Horse Feeds    
 WHEP153 Grass Nuts 20kg Bag €18.00
 Baileys Horse Feeds    
  Everyday High Fibre Mix 20kg Bag €16.00
Trident Horse Feeds    
  Sugar Beet Shreds 20kg Bag €24.00

White Horses Equestrian Products will also be happy to “order in” the following products for you which are also included in our “Value Range“.  All you have to do is pick up the phone, send an email, message us on face book or pop into the shop and place your order.

 Dodson & Horrell Horse Feeds    
 WHEP41 16 Plus Conditioning Cubes 20kg Bag €22.50
Gelston Horse Feeds    
  Bagged Original Haylage 20kgs €16.50
Henry Bell Horse Feeds    
  Micronised Flaked Barley 20kgs €17.50
 Heygates Country Horse Feeds    
  Conditioning Cubes 20kgs €19.50
 WHEP91 Conditioning Mix 20kg Bag €21.50
  HoneyChop with Apple 12.5kgs €14.50
  HoneyChop with Garlic 12.5kgs €15.00
  HoneyChop with Herbs 12.5kgs €14.50
  HoneyChop Chopped Oat Straw 12.5kgs €17.00
  HoneyChop Original 12.5kgs €14.00
  HoneyChop Senior 12.5kgs €17.00
 Marksway Mollichaff Horse Feeds    
 WHEP94 Horsehage Timothy Purple 15kg Bag €16.50
 WHEP102 Mollichaff Condition 15kg Bag €20.00
 WHEP97 Mollichaff Donkey 18kg Bag €18.50
 WHEP103 Mollichaff Veteran 12.5kg Bag €17.00
 WHEP193 Mollichaff Original 12.5kg Bag €14.00
  Mollichaff AppleChaff 12.5kgs €15.00
  Mollichaff Extra 12.5kgs €15.00
 Spillers Horse Feeds    
 WHEP128 High Fibre Cubes 20kg Bag €19.50
 WHEP137 Horse & Pony Cubes 20kg Bag €18.50
 Titmuss Horse Feeds    
 WHEP152 Lite Haylage 20kg Bag €16.50
 WHEP154 Crushed Oats 20kg Bag €15.00
  Rolled Barley 20kgs €15.00 
  Original Chaff 20kgs €17.00
  Active Ryegrass Haylage 20kgs €16.50
  Horseworld Haylage 20kgs €17.00
Westmill Horse Feed    
  Broad Bran 20kgs €17.00

Available from 27th May 2017. 

All prices correct at time of going to print.