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New UK Supplements Range to Order

White Horses Equestrian Products have secured a new UK supplier and as such can offer a full new range of supplements, as listed below.

White Horses Equestrian Products will, where possible, only carry ethical goods. To this effect we have removed all Cod Liver Oil products from our range and are able to offer natural plant based oils and alternatives. Should you have any queries regarding this statement please do not hesitate to get in touch with us direct.

We are however, not big enough to be able to stock the entire range but can offer our clients an order service.

We will be able to bring in deliveries every month and you can place your order, even if it is only for one bag, at no extra cost than the prices shown, which, once they have arrived can be collected from the shop or delivered as per our normal delivery terms and conditions.

  • All orders must be placed by email to clarkjulie800@aol.com or in person at the shop.
  • All orders can be paid for either in advance of shipping or at the shop upon collection depending upon the order amount, by cheque, cash or bank transfer, details provided upon request.
  • All prices are correct at time of going to print.
  • All prices are dependent upon the value of the Euro to the GBP. This is to ensure we can offer our clients the best rates.
  • We cannot however, offer payments by card.

Our full ‘In Stock’ product range is listed here. These products are always held at the shop without the need for pre-ordering.

Please Note: All Feeds and Supplements are sold under the feed and dosage guidance of the manufacturers and no responsibility can be taken by White Horses Equestrian Products after purchase of our products.

(Hayalge Balancer (as seen in the Digestion Section) is only recommended for horses on Haylage that does not agree with them.)

New UK Supplements:

N.A.F.  WHEP220 Magic 750grms  
N.A.F.  WHEP220 Magic 1.5kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP220 Magic 3kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP221 Magic Liquid 1ltr  
N.A.F.  WHEP222 Oestress Liquid 1ltr  
N.A.F.  WHEP223 Oestress  500grms  
N.A.F.  WHEP223 Oestress 1kg  
N.A.F.  WHEP223 Oestress 2.5kgs  
Equimins  WHEP224 Serenity 1kg  
Equimins   Serenity 1.5kgs  
Equimins   Serenity 3kgs  
Equimins  WHEP225 Serenity Liquid 1ltr  
Equimins  WHEP226 Nightmare Liquid 1ltr  
Equimins  WHEP227 Nightmare 750grms  
Equimins  WHEP227 Nightmare 1.5kgs  
Gold Label  WHEP228 Equikalm 750grms  
Gold Label  WHEP228 Equikalm 2kgs  
Gold Label  WHEP229 Equikalm Once (2hr) 100ml  
Gold Label  WHEP229 Equikalm Once 250ml  
Gold Label  WHEP230 Oestraban 800grms  
N.A.F.  WHEP231 Respirator 1kg  
N.A.F.  WHEP231 Respirator 2.5kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP232 Respirator Boost 500ml  
N.A.F.  WHEP232 Respirator Boost 1ltr  
N.A.F.  WHEP233 Easy Breathing 1kg  
N.A.F.  WHEP233 Easy Breathing  3kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP234 Easy Breathing Liquid  1ltr   
N.A.F.   WHEP235 Kofeze  500ml   
Equimins  WHEP236 Air-Way  1kg   
Equimins   WHEP236 Air-Way  5kgs   
Equimins   WHEP236 Air-Way  1ltr   
Equimins   WHEP238 Air Power Booster  500ml   
Equimins   WHEP238 Air Power Booster  1ltr   
Gold Label   WHEP239 Respiration  1kg   
Gold Label   WHEP240 Kill Koff  250ml   
Gold Label   WHEP240 Kill Koff  1ltr   
N.A.F.  WHEP241 Electro Salts  1kg   
N.A.F.  WHEP241 Electro Salts  4kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP242 Electro Salts Traveller  150grms   
N.A.F.   WHEP243 MPower  900grms   
N.A.F.   WHEP244 EnerG  2ltrs   
N.A.F.   WHEP245 EnerG Shot  30ml 3 x pack   
N.A.F.   WHEP246 Ice Cool  3kgs   
Equimins   WHEP247 Revitalyte  400grms   
Equimins   WHEP247 Revitalyte  1kg   
Equimins   WHEP247 Revitalyte  4kgs   
Equimins   WHEP248 Tip Top Equi Red  1ltr   
Equimins   WHEP248 Tip Top Equi Red  2.5ltrs   
Barrier  WHEP251 White Ice 1ltr  
Gold Label  WHEP252 Lavender Leg Ice 400grms  
Gold Label  WHEP252 Lavender Leg Ice 1kg  
N.A.F.  WHEP206 Glucosamine 10,000 Plus 900grms  
N.A.F.  WHEP206 Glucosamine 10,000 Plus 4.5kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP254 M.S.M. 300grms  
N.A.F.  WHEP254 M.S.M. 1kg  
N.A.F.  WHEP254 M.S.M. 2.5kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP203 Devils Relief 500ml  
N.A.F.  WHEP203 Devils Relief 1ltr  
N.A.F.  WHEP203 Devils Relief 2ltr  
N.A.F.  WHEP256 Super Flex Liquid 500ml  
N.A.F.   WHEP256 Super Flex Liquid  1ltr   
N.A.F.   WHEP256 Super Flex Liquid  2ltrs   
N.A.F.   WHEP257 Super Flex  400grms   
N.A.F.  WHEP257 Super Flex  800grms   
N.A.F.   WHEP257 Super Flex  1.6kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP257 Super Flex  3.2kgs   
Equimins   WHEP258 M.S.M.  350grms   
Equimins   WHEP258 M.S.M.  1kg   
Equimins   WHEP258 M.S.M.  3kgs   
Equimins   WHEP204 Devils Claw Liquid 1ltr   
Equimins   WHEP260 Devils Claw Root  1kg   
Equimins   WHEP204 Devils Claw Liquid  2.5ltrs   
Equimins   WHEP260 Devils Claw Root Eco Pack  1kg   
Equimins   WHEP204 Devils Claw Liquid  5ltrs   
Equimins   WHEP261 Flexi Joint & Devil’s Claw 1ltr   
Equimins   WHEP261 Flexi Joint & Devil’s Claw 2.5ltr   
Equimins   WHEP262 Flexi Joint  600grms   
Equimins  WHEP262 Flexi Joint 1kg  
Equimins  WHEP262 Flexi Joint 1.5kgs  
Gold Label  WHEP263 Glucosamine Plus 900grms  
Gold Label  WHEP263 Glucosamine Plus 2.7kgs  
Gold Label  WHEP264 M.S.M. Plus 250grms  
Gold Label  WHEP264 M.S.M. Plus 500grms  
Gold Label  WHEP264 M.S.M. Plus 1kg  
Gold Label  WHEP266 Bute Free Liquid 1ltr  
Gold Label   R & A Formula 1kg  
N.A.F.  WHEP207 Laminaze 375grms  
N.A.F.  WHEP207 Laminaze 750grms  
N.A.F.  WHEP207 Laminaze 1.5kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP268 Cushinaze 1kg  
N.A.F.  WHEP268 Cushinaze 2kgs  
Gold Label  WHEP269 Lamicular 500grms  
Equimins  WHEP237 Laminator Powder 1.2kgs  
Equimins  WHEP237 Laminator Powder 2.4kgs  
Equimins  WHEP270 Laminator Pellets 3kgs  
Animal Health  WHEP271 Cush-Aid  1ltr   
Hilton Herbs   WHEP272 Cush X  1kg   
N.A.F.  WHEP255 Apple Cider Vinegar 2.5ltrs  
N.A.F.   Cod Liver Oil 1ltr  
N.A.F.  WHEP259 Garlic Granules 1kg  
N.A.F.  WHEP259 Garlic Granules 3kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP253 Garlic Powder 500grms  
N.A.F.  WHEP253 Garlic Powder 1kg  
N.A.F.  WHEP267 Linseed Oil 1ltr  
N.A.F.  WHEP274 Molasses 5ltr  
N.A.F.  WHEP275 Mint 500grms  
N.A.F.  WHEP276 Mint & Garlic 2kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP277 Seaweed 2kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP278 Seaweed Refill Bag 2kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP279 General Purpose Supplement  1.5kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP279 General Purpose Supplement Refill Bag  2kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP279 General Purpose Supplement  3kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP210 Himalayan Rock Salt  Small   
N.A.F.   WHEP210 Himalayan Rock Salt  Medium   
N.A.F.   WHEP210 Himalayan Rock Salt  Large   
N.A.F.   WHEP280 Limestone Flour  3kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP281 Oilovite  1.5kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP281 Oilovite  3kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP282 Veteran Supplement  1.5kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP282 Veteran Supplement  3kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP283 Vitamin E & Selenium Plus  1kg   
N.A.F.   WHEP283 Vitamin E & Selenium Plus  2.5kgs   
N.A.F.  WHEP284 Mare, Foal & Youngstock  1.8kgs   
N.A.F.  WHEP284 Mare, Foal & Youngstock 3.6kgs  
Equimins   Aloe Vera Juice 1ltr  
Equimins  WHEP285 Cider Apple 1ltr  
Equimins  WHEP285 Cider Apple 2.5ltrs  
Equimins   Cod Liver Oil 500ml  
Equimins   Cod Liver Oil 1ltr  
Equimins   Cod Liver Oil 2.5ltrs  
Equimins  WHEP286 Garlic Granules 500grms  
Equimins  WHEP286 Garlic Granules 900grms  
Equimins  WHEP286 Garlic Granules 1kg  
Equimins  WHEP286 Garlic Granules 3kgs  
Equimins  WHEP287 Garlic Powder 500grms  
Equimins  WHEP287 Garlic Powder 1kg  
Equimins   Garlic Powder Refill Bag 1kg  
Equimins  WHEP288 Linseed Oil 500ml  
Equimins  WHEP288 Linseed Oil 1ltr  
Equimins  WHEP288 Linseed Oil 2.5ltrs  
Equimins  WHEP289 Molasses 5ltrs  
Equimins   WHEP290 Mint 500grms  
Equimins  WHEP290 Mint 1kg  
Equimins  WHEP291 Scandinavian Seaweed 2kgs  
Equimins   Seaweed Refill Bag 2kgs  
Equimins   WHEP292 Limestone Flour 3kgs  
Equimins  WHEP293 Old Horse Liquid Herbal Tincture 1ltr  
Equimins  WHEP294 Veteran Vitamins & Minerals 2kgs  
Equimins   Veteran Vitamin & Mineral Refill 2kgs  
Equimins  WHEP295 Vitamin E & Selenium Plus 1.5kgs  
Equimins  WHEP295 Vitamin E & Selenium Plus 3kgs  
Equimins   WHEP296 Youngstock 2kgs  
Equimins  WHEP296 Youngstock 4kgs  
Gold Label   Brewer’s Yeast 1.5kgs  
Gold Label  WHEP213 Cider Vinegar  1ltr   
Gold Label   WHEP213 Cider Vinegar  2ltrs   
Gold Label  WHEP213 Cider Vinegar  5ltrs   
Gold Label   WHEP297 Garlic Granules  1kg   
Gold Label   Cod Liver Oil 1ltr  
Gold label   Cod Liver Oil 2ltrs  
Gold Label   WHEP214 Garlic Powder  500grms   
Gold Label  WHEP214 Garlic Powder 1kg  
Gold Label  WHEP212 Linseed Oil 1ltr  
Gold Label  WHEP212 Linseed Oil 2.5ltrs  
Gold Label  WHEP298 Molasses 5ltrs  
Gold Label  WHEP299 Mint 600grms  
Gold Label  WHEP300 Seaweed 2kgs  
Gold Label  WHEP301 Limestone Flour 5kgs  
Hilton Herbs  WHEP302 Senior Horse 1kg  
Dodson & Horrell   Seaweed 2kgs  
N.A.F.    I Can’t Believe its not Cod Liver Oil 1ltr  
N.A.F.   I Can’t Believe its not Cod Liver Oil 2ltrs  
N.A.F.  WHEP303 In The Pink Senior  900grms   
N.A.F.   WHEP303 In The Pink Senior  1.8kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP304 In The Pink Powder  700grms   
N.A.F.  WHEP304 In The Pink Powder  1.4kgs   
N.A.F.   WHEP305 Haylage Balancer  1.8kgs  
N.A.F.   WHEP305 Haylage Balancer  3.6kgs   
N.A.F.  WHEP306 Slim 3.3kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP307 GastrAid 1.8kgs  
N.A.F.  WHEP307 GastrAid 3.6kgs  
Equimins  WHEP308 Inner Balance 700grms  
Equimins  WHEP308 Inner Balance 1.5kgs  
Equimins  WHEP309 Gastro Shield 2kgs  
Hilton Herbs  WHEP310 Gastrix 1kg