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Horse Feed to Order

White Horses Equestrian Products have secured a new EU supplier of UK Horse Feed and as such can offer a full new range of feed products as listed below.

We are however, not big enough to be able to stock the entire range but can offer our clients an order service.

We will be bringing in deliveries every month and you can place your order, even if it is only for one bag, at no extra cost than the prices shown, which will then arrive on the next pallet and can be collected from the shop or delivered as per our normal delivery terms and conditions.

  • All orders must be placed by email to clarkjulie800@aol.com or in person at the shop.
  • All orders must be paid for in advance of shipping, by cheque, cash or bank transfer, details provided upon request.
  • All prices are correct at time of going to print.
  • We cannot offer payments by card at this time.

Our full ‘In Stock’ product range is listed here. These products are always held at the shop without the need for pre-ordering.

NEW FEEDS – All Feeds are sold under the feed and dosage guidance of the manufacturers and no responsibility can be taken by White Horses Equestrian Products after purchase of our products.



 WHEP311 Lo-Cal Balancer 20kgs 35.50 €
 WHEP312 No. 19 Performance Balancer 20kgs 35.00 €
 WHEP313 Stud Balancer 20kgs 27.50 €
 WHEP314 Foal Assist 30cc 18.00 €
 WHEP315 Foal Creep Pellets 20kgs 26.00 €
 WHEP316 No. 5 Yearling Cubes 20kgs 18.00 €
 WHEP317 No. 3 Youngstock Cubes 20kgs 17.00 €
 WHEP318 No. 10 Racehorse Mix 20kgs 22.50 €
 WHEP319 No. 11 Racehorse Cubes 20kgs 18.00 €
 WHEP320 No. 12 Trotting Cubes 20kgs 16.50 €
 WHEP321 No. 16 Racing Light Mix 20kgs 18.50 €
 WHEP322 No. 20 Slow Release Condition & Competition Mix 20kgs 22.00 €
 WHEP323 No. 6 All Round Endurance Mix 20kgs 22.00 €
 WHEP324 No. 7 Stud Mix 20kgs 21.00 €
 WHEP325 No. 9 All Round Competition Mix 20kgs 20.00 €
 WHEP326 No. 17 TopLine Conditioning Mix 20kgs 20.00 €
 WHEP327 No. 18 Prep Mix 20kgs 22.50 €
 WHEP328 No. 4 TopLine Conditioning Cubes 20kgs 19.00 €
 WHEP329 Oat Balancer Mix 20kgs 23.00 €
 WHEP330 Everyday High Fibre Cubes 20kgs 15.50 €
 WHEP331 Everyday High Fibre Mix 20kgs 16.00 €
 WHEP332 Fibre Plus Nuggets 20kgs 16.00 €
 WHEP333 No. 1 Cooked Cereal Meal 20kgs 21.00 €
 WHEP334 No. 13 Oat Free Horse & Pony Mix 20kgs 19.00 €
 WHEP335 No. 2 Working Horse & Pony Cubes 20kgs 18.00 €
 WHEP336 No. 21 Ease & Excel 15kgs 21.00 €
 WHEP337 No. 8 Meadow Sweet with Honey 20kgs 19.00 €
 WHEP338 HiLight High Fibre Horse & Pony Cubes 20kgs 15.00 €
 WHEP339 HiLight High Fibre Horse & Pony Mix  20kgs 16.00 €
 WHEP340 HiLight Improver Conditioning Cubes 20kgs 20.00 €
 WHEP354 HiLight Improver Conditioning Mix 20kgs 21.00 €
 WHEP341 HiLight Stud Cubes 20kgs 19.00 €
 WHEP342 HiLight Stud Mix 20kgs 24.00 €
 WHEP343 HiLight Veteran Mix 20kgs 20.50 €
 WHEP344 Honeyed Oats 20kgs 21.00 €
 WHEP345 Best British Oats 20kgs 16.50 €
 WHEP346 Flaked Barley 20kgs 10.10 €
 WHEP347 Alfalfa Plus Oil 20kgs 24.50 €
 WHEP348 Alfalfa Blend 18kgs 22.50 €
 WHEP349 Paddock Lick Plus 10kgs 31.00 €
 WHEP350 Fertility Plus 3kgs 182.50 €
 WHEP351 Mares Milk Replacer 6kgs 66.00 €
 WHEP352 Outshine 20kgs  27.00 €
 WHEP353 Outshine with Spearmint 5kgs  22.00 €




 WHEP31 Suregrow 20kgs  
 WHEP32 Ultimate Balancer 20kgs  
  Ulcer Sensitive Balancer 15kgs  
  Easy Everyday Balancer – New 15kgs  
  Go Lite Balancer – New 15kgs  
  Performance Balancer – New 15kgs  
  Senior Support Balancer – New 15kgs  
 WHEP33 Barley Rings 15kgs  
 WHEP34 Build Up Conditioning Mix 20kgs  
 WHEP35 Competition Concentrates      20kgs  
 WHEP36 Convalescent Diet 20kgs  
 WHEP37 Equine Sensitive 18kgs  
 WHEP38 Foal Creep Pellets 20kgs  
 WHEP39 High Fibre Nuts 20kgs  
 WHEP40 Pasture Cubes  20kgs  
 WHEP41 16 Plus Conditioning Cubes    20kgs  
 WHEP42 16 Plus Conditioning Mix   20kgs  
 WHEP43 Stud Diet 20kgs  
 WHEP44 Build Up Conditioning Cubes 20kgs  
 WHEP45 Competition Cubes 20kgs  
 WHEP46 Cushcare Condition 18kgs  
 WHEP47 ERS Cubes 20kgs  
 WHEP48 High Fibre Mix 20kgs  
 WHEP49 Micro Feed 20kgs  
 WHEP50 Pasture Mix 20kgs  
 WHEP51 Stay Power Cubes 20kgs  
 WHEP52 Stay Power Muesli 20kgs  
 WHEP53 Stud Cubes 20kgs  
 WHEP54 Yearling Cubes 20kgs  
  Fibre Fusion 16kgs  
  Mare & Youngstock Concentrate Mix 20kgs  
  Elite Sports Muesli 20kgs  
  Rearing Diet 20kgs  
  Winter Health Mash 12kgs  
  Build Up Conditioning Mix 20kgs  
  Performance Competition Mix 20kgs  
  Sales Prep Mix 20kgs  
  Sure Grow 20kgs  
  Classic Fibre Cubes 20kgs  
  Youngstock Cubes 20kgs  
  Classic Fibre Mix 20kgs  
  Performance Concentrate Muesli 20kgs  
  Stud Muesli 20kgs  
  Youngstock Mix 20kgs  
 WHEP55 Alfalfa Chaff 20kgs  
 WHEP56 Fibergy 20kgs  
 WHEP57 Safe & Sound 18kgs  
 WHEP58 Fibre Performance 20kgs  
 WHEP59 Just Grass 15kgs  
  Equilac Mare’s Milk Replacer – New 10kgs  
  Kwikbeet – New 20kgs  
  Weigh Tape    
 WHEP60 Build & Glow 18kgs  


 WHEP106 Stamm 30 Feed Balancer 20kgs  
 WHEP107 Essential Balancer 20kgs  
  Competition Fit Balancer 20kgs  
 WHEP108 Conditioning Cubes 20kgs  
 WHEP109 Enduro 20kgs  
 WHEP110 Re Leve Blackcurrant 20kgs  
 WHEP111 Show Improver Cubes 20kgs  
 WHEP112 Speed Mix 20kgs  
 WHEP113 Veteran Mix 20kgs  
 WHEP114 Donkey Diet 20kgs  
 WHEP115 Equi-Jewel 20kgs   
 WHEP116 Shape Up 20kgs  
 WHEP117 Show Improver Mix 20kgs  
 WHEP118 Super Fibre Pencils 20kgs  
  Competition Fit Balancer 20kgs  
  Conditioning Mix 20kgs  
  Race 13 20kgs  
  Racefit Cubes 20kgs  
  Stallion Plan 20kgs  
  Competition Fit Cubes 20kgs  
  Competition Fit Mix 20kgs  
  Cooling Mix Plus Herbs 20kgs  
  Level Grow Summer Mix  20kgs  
  Racing Prep 14 20kgs  
  Re-Covery Mash – New 20kgs  
  Livery Mix – New 20kgs  
  Equigard Classic Nuts – New 25kgs  
  Equigard Muesli – New 20kgs  
  Linustar – New 25kgs  
  Reform G Muesli – New 20kgs  
  Struktur E – New 20kgs  




 WHEP155 Comprehensive Original Feed Balancer 20kgs  
 WHEP156 Donkey Forage Balancer 20kgs   
 WHEP157 Senior Feed Balancer 15kgs   
 WHEP158 Stud Feed Balancer 20kgs   
 WHEP159 Cool Balancer 15kgs  
 WHEP160 Joint Feed Balancer 15kgs  
 WHEP161 Senior Lite Feed Balancer 15kgs   
  Lite Feed Balancer 15kgs  
  Racing Feed Balancer 20kgs  
  Stud Lite Balancer 20kgs  
WHEP165 Antilam Balancer 15kgs  
  Performance Lite Balancer – New 15kgs  
WHEP164 Ulsakind Balancer 20kgs  
 WHEP162 Cool Condition Cubes 20kgs   
 WHEP163 Super Conditioning Flakes 20kgs   
 WHEP166 Fibre Plus Cubes 20kgs    
 WHEP167 Performance Cubes 20kgs  
 WHEP168 Turbo Flakes 20kgs    
  Equerry Conditioning Mash 20kgs  
  Hi Fibre Mash 20kgs  
  Equerry Veteran Mix 20kgs  
  Linseed Mash 20kgs  
  14% Mix 20kgs  
  Racehorse Cubes 20kgs  
  Equerry Cool Mash 20kgs  


 WHEP169 Top Chop Sport 15kgs   
 WHEP170 Top Chop Grass 15kgs   
 WHEP171 Top Chop Zero 12.5kgs   
 WHEP172 Top Chop Alfa 15kgs   
 WHEP173 Top Chop Lite 15kgs