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New Horse Feed to Order – Spillers Horse Feeds

White Horses Equestrian Products have secured a new EU supplier of UK Horse Feed and as such can offer a full new range of feed products as listed below.

We are however, not big enough to be able to stock the entire range but can offer our clients an order service.

We will be bringing in deliveries every month and you can place your order, even if it is only for one bag, at no extra cost than the prices shown, which will then arrive on the next pallet and can be collected from the shop or delivered as per our normal delivery terms and conditions.

  • All orders must be placed by email to clarkjulie800@aol.com or in person at the shop.
  • All orders must be paid for in advance of shipping, by cheque, cash or bank transfer, details provided upon request.
  • All prices are correct at time of going to print.
  • We cannot offer payments by card at this time.

Our full ‘In Stock’ product range is listed here. These products are always held at the shop without the need for pre-ordering.

NEW FEEDS – All Feeds are sold under the feed and dosage guidance of the manufacturers and no responsibility can be taken by White Horses Equestrian Products after purchase of our products.

Spillers Horse Feeds

Mixes & Cubes  
  Cool Mix 20kgs 25.50
  Horse & Pony Cubes 20kgs 25.00
  High Fibre Cubes 20kgs 25.00
  Speedy Mash 20kgs 26.50
  Instant Energy Competition Mix 20kgs 25.00
  Stud & Yearling Cubes 20kgs 25.50
  Stud & Youngstock Mix 20kgs 27.50
  Shine & Conditioning Mix 20kgs 26.50
  Digest & Conditioning Mix 20kgs 27.00
  Senior Conditioning Mix 20kgs 28.00
  Senior Super Mash 20kgs 29.00
  Senior Complete Care Mix 20kgs 31.00
Competition & Racing Feeds    
  Slow Release Energy Mix 20kgs 26.50
  Slow Release Energy Cubes 20kgs 25.50
  Racehorse Cubes 25kgs 29.00
  Racing Mix 20kgs 25.00
  HDF Power Cubes 25kgs 29.00
  HDF Power Mix 20kgs 24.50
  Lay Off Cubes 25kgs 28.00
  Lay Off Mix 20kgs 26.00
  Ulca Power Cubes 25kgs 31.00
  Gro N Win Stud Balancer 20kgs 35.00
  Lite & Lean Balancer 20kgs 38.50
  Daily Balancer 15kgs 30.50
  Happy Hoof 20kgs 29.00
  Happy Hoof Molasses Free 20kgs 30.00
  Alfalfa Pro Fibre 20kgs 30.00
  Spillers Conditioning Fibre 20kgs 31.50
  Spillers Fibre Lite Molasses Free 20kgs 30.50
  Ulca Fibre 20kgs 34.50
  Apple Treats 1kg 8.00
  Meadow Herb Treats 1kg 8.50
  Meadow Herb Treats 3.5kgs 17.50
  Spearmint Treats 1kg 8.00
  Treats & Glucosamine 1kg 8.00
  Treats & Biotin 1kg 8.00
  Equilibrium Growth 20kgs 34.50
  Equilibrium High 20kgs 35.50
  Equilibrium Condition 20kgs 35.00
Equivite & Winergy Supplements    
  Original 3kgs 26.50
  Original 15kgs 75.50
  Vitamin E & Selenium 3kgs 76.00
  Ventil-ate 2.8kgs 54.00