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healing-rangeAromatherapy Creams and Gels, plus 100% pure essential oils are well-known known for their ability to assist the body’s healing process.

Essential Healing provides a wide range of aromatherapy products and over 200 different essential oils. All of the essential oils are 100% pure. Material safety data sheets, analysis and allergen information is available.

 Essential Healing products are suitable for use on all animals and humans.

All our products are competitively priced and only a very small amount is required on application. The airless pump ensures easy dispensing and is very hygienic.

“Our animals deserve only the highest quality products on their skin”


 In Stock items:

A quick guide to Aromatherapy Essential Healing Creams


Aloe Vera Cream/Gel              6.50€                50ml Pump Action Pot

Soothing; Cooling; Anti-Bacterial; Anti-Fungal and Tissue Restoration

Good for:  Sunburn, burns, ringworm and other fungal infections; cuts, abrasions, stings, bites and dry itchy skin.


Arnica Cream/Gel                  8.50€                50ml Pump Action Pot

Aids the relief of bruising; Strained Muscles and any External Inflammation that does not have broken skin.

Caution:  Avoid contact with the eyes and with open wounds. Stop using the products and consult a Doctor if condition persists for more than 3 days or worsens. Keep all medications out of the reach of children. In case of ingestion, seek professional advice.


Boswellia & Commifora (Frankincense and Myrrh)

                                                    7.50€                50ml Pump Action Pot

Frankincense: Anti-Septic; Disinfectant; Astringent; Stimulant; Carminative

Uses:  Acts as a sedative, soothes anxiety, heals and protects the skin, relieves pain associated with rheumatism, arthritis, soothes inflammation, eliminates germs, promotes regeneration of healthy cells and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy, relieves body pain.

Myrrh:    Anti-Septic; Anti-Fungal; Anti-Inflammatory; Anti-Microbial and Anti-Viral; Astringent; Stimulant; Calmative

Uses:  Heals wounds (essentially those of a weeping nature), protects against infection and promotes healing; skin diseases (eczema, ringworm etc.), soothes cracked and chapped skin, fades scars and other spots.



Calendula                             7.50€                50ml Pump Action Pot

Soothes pain; Stops Bleeding; Promotes Rapid Healing and Prevents Scarring; Anti-Septic and helps Prevent Infection.


Chamomile                           7.50€                50ml Pump Action Pot

Anti-Inflammatory; Anti-Allergy; Relieves Muscle Spasm, Aches and Pains; is a Relaxant and has Wound Healing Effects.


Comfrey                                   7.50€                50ml Pump Action Pot

Aids in the healing process on Wounds and reduces the risk of Scar Tissue.

Used as an Anti-Inflammatory for Pain Relief and Healing Sprains, Arthritic Joints, Muscular Pain and pulled Tendons.


Hypericum/St. John’s Wort      7.50€                50ml Pump Action Pot

Eases Wound Pain and heals Infection, Animal Bites and Insect Stings, Wounds, Neuralgia.


Tea Tree & Mauka               7.50€                50ml Pump Action Pot

Anti-Septic; Anti-Infections; Anti-Inflammatory. Mauka when mixed with Tea Tree doubles its effectiveness. Manuka inhibits Bacterial growth within the body. Helps treat Inflammation. Helps in fading Scars and other marks on the skin. Helps reduce Pain and swelling from Insect Bites.  It is a very good Soothing Cream.


Acne Treatment Gel 50ml €10.00
Base Body Lotion 250ml  €12.00
Base Hair Conditioner 250ml  €12.00
Hair Shampoo 250ml  €11.00
Shower Gel 250ml  €12.00
Body Scrub 250ml  €20.00
Basil – In skin preparations thought to clear pores, reduce breakout of acne and soothe 10ml €3.50
insect bites. In aromatherapy and massage eases aches and pains, headaches and head  25ml €6.00
colds.   Should not be used during pregnancy. 50ml €9.50
Benzoin Oil in DPG – Known to have a calming effect on emotions and believed to  10ml €3.50
ease aches and pains. Known to help soothe irritated skin or redness. Use in  25ml €5.50
moderation can have a sedating and relaxing effect.  50ml €9.00
Bergamot –   10ml €4.50
  25ml €8.00
  50ml €13.50
  100ml €23.00
Black Pepper –  10ml €8.00
  25ml €16.50
  50ml €30.50
Carrot Seed 10ml €7.00
  25ml €13.50
  50ml €23.00
Cedarwood Atlas 10ml €5.50
  25ml €10.00
  50ml €16.00
Chamomile Roman 10ml €31.00
  25ml €71.50
  50ml €131.00
Cinnamon 10ml €4.50
  25ml €7.00
  50ml €10.50
Citronella 10ml €4.00
  25ml €6.00
  50ml €9.50
Clary Sage 10ml €8.50
  25ml €17.00
  50ml €29.50
 Cypress 10ml  €6.00
  25ml  €10.50 
   50ml €17.00 
Eucalyptus 10ml €2.50
  25ml €4.00
  50ml €7.50
Fennel 10ml €5.00
  25ml €10.00
  50ml €18.50
Frankincense 10ml €6.00
  25ml €12.50
  50ml €23.00
Geranium 10ml €9.00
  25ml €19.00
  50ml €35.00
Ginger 10ml €6.50
  25ml €13.00
  50ml €23.50
Grapefruit 10ml €3.00
  25ml €5.00
  50ml €8.50
 Juniper 10ml  €7.50 
   25ml €16.00 
   50ml €29.50 
Lavender 10ml €4.50
  25ml €8.50
  50ml €15.00
Lavender High Alpine 10ml €13.00
  25ml €27.50
  50ml €51.50
Lemon 10ml €3.00
  25ml €6.00
  50ml €10.00
Lemon Eucalyptus 10ml €4.50
  25ml €8.00
  50ml €14.50
Mandarin 10ml €4.00
  25ml €7.50
  50ml €13.00
Marjoram 10ml €6.00
  25ml €12.00
  50ml €22.00
Melissa (Blend) 10ml €5.50
  25ml €11.50
  50ml €20.00
Myrrh 10ml €6.50
  25ml €13.50
  50ml €24.50
Neroli 10ml €7.50
  25ml €16.00
  50ml €29.50
Orange 10ml €2.00
  25ml €3.00
  50ml €5.00
 Patchouli 10ml  €6.50 
  25ml €13.50
  50ml €24.50
Peppermint 10ml €3.00
  25ml €5.50
  50ml €9.50
Rose Geranium 10ml €10.50
  25ml €22.00
  50ml €40.50
Rosemary 10ml €4.00
  25ml €7.00
  50ml €12.50
Rosewood 10ml €4.00
  25ml €7.50
  50ml €13.50
Sandalwood Amyris 10ml €5.50
  25ml €11.50
  50ml €20.50
Tea Tree 10ml €4.00
  25ml €7.50
  50ml €13.50
Thyme 10ml €5.50
  25ml €11.00
  50ml €20.00
Tumeric 10ml €3.50
  25ml €7.00
  50ml €12.00
Vetivert 10ml €13.00
  25ml €28.00
  50ml €52.00
Yarrow 10ml €35.00
  25ml €78.00
  50ml €148.50
Ylang Ylang 10ml €5.50
  25ml €10.50
  50ml €19.00
Bergamot 5ml €9.86
Chamomile 5ml €89.36
Clary Sage 5ml €15.86
Eucalyptus 5ml €3.86
Geranium 5ml €18.86
Juniperberry 5ml €8.24
Marjoram 5ml €13.74
Orange 5ml €2.62
Peppermint 5ml €5.36
Rosemary 5ml €5.86
Thyme 5ml €21.12