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A Great Selection of UK Horse Feeds in France | White Horses Equestrian ProductsWe stock only genuine equine horse feeds from the following suppliers. Many of you will be familiar with our main horse feed suppliers, and can now enjoy your favourite UK horse feeds, right here in northern France.

We carry a relatively small range compared to the stocks held by our suppliers, but are more than happy to order in any of their range to accommodate your equine needs.

Visit the websites of our horse feeds suppliers below to browse their individual feeds, supplements and bedding ranges, then contact us on 02 43 04 74 61 or email clarkjulie800@aol.com to discuss your requirements and order lead in time.


Baileys Horse Feed | White Horses Equestrian Productswww.baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk

Baileys horse feeds work in partnership with ‘Progressive Nutrition’ of Iowa to gain access to the latest research in equine nutrition in order to apply further innovation to their feed range.


Dengie Horse Feeds | White Horses Equestrian Productswww.dengie.com

Dengie horse feed was voted the most popular branded horse feed on the 2015 National Equine Survey (Commissioned by BETA).


Dodson & Horrell Horse Feeds | Suppliers to White Horses Equestrian Productswww.dodsonandhorrell.com

Dodson & Horrell horse feed is a family-owned, respected authority on animal nutrition established in 1939.


Trident Horse Feeds | White Horses Equestrian Productswww.tridentfeeds.co.uk

Trident horse feed is a wholesale division of AB Agri Ltd and is the largest supplier of co-products in the UK in the biofuel, food and drink sectors.


Pro-Equine | Suppliers to White Horses Equestrian Productswww.pro-equine.com

Established in 2004, Pro-Equine supplies a wide range of equine supplements to care for your horse both on the inside and out.



Allen and Page Quality Horse FeedsPromoting natural feeds, Allen & Page were the first horse feed company to receive approval from the Vegetarian Society for the entire range. Uses only non-GM ingredients, and works to assist with specific feeding problems and issues.



Healthy feed production, GMP+ B1 certificated. AGROBS was founded in 1993, and focusses on the development, production and sale of high-quality feed.



Blue Chip Feed Limited was founded by a horse owner, Clare Blaskey, in 1996, to provide a better way of feeding horses and ponies. Includes natural minerals.



Developing a wide range of animal feeds for almost 40 years as an independent company. Charnwood invests in continual research and feeding trials and aim for quality across its entire operation.


www.fulmart.co.ukFulmart Feeds Website | White Horses Links

Fulmart Feeds first specialised in the production of Equilage, grown in North Yorkshire. Now, the development of Equilage has contributed to a wider range of feeds, including non-heating ‘Chill Out’.


www.gwfnutrition.comGWF Nutrition

GWF nutrition provide a comprehensive range of feeds and supplements for horses, cats and dogs.



Havens Horsefeed was founded in 1845, and is a well-known name in equine nutrition. Includes a wide range of cubes, mixes and mueslis for the working horse.



A family-owned operation, Heygates Country Feeds offer a wide range of animal feeds for your farm. Natural ingredients, and a long-earned reputation has made Heygates a busy, go-to supplier for horse, pig, sheep, game and dairy feeds.



Awarded a Royal Warrant in 1983, following the benefit of dust-free HorseHage to the Queen’s horse, Burmese. HorseHage is used by the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, and is supplied to the British Equestrian Team at every Olympic Games since 1984.



Leading, Yorkshire-based animal feed ingredients manufacturers, established in 1974 to develop micronisation.



saracen horse feedsSaracen has been manufacturing horse and animal feeds for more than 170 years. With a traditional family heritage, Saracen remains under the control of the founding family, which is now in its fourth generation.



Spillers launched its first compound horse feed in 1958, and continue to lead the way in equine nutrition and feeding advice from competition and performance, through to the rest and retirement of your horse.



TopSpec feeds are formulated and tested at its nutrition research facility in North Yorkshire. It has an award-winning helpline – won no less than 10 times in the last 11 years, and is happy to give advice, free-of-charge, about aspects of feeding and management of nutrition.



Working towards making a difference to the lives of your horses, Equilibrium Products create innovative, effective solutions to common problems. Providing quality products since 2001.



Winergy are committed to the building of enduring brands to provide a lifetime of care for equines. Using scientific research to test products to meet the physiological and psychological needs of horses.


Photograph by Wojtek Kwiatowski | All Rights Reserved


This beautiful image that encapsulates the true beauty of the equine was taken by talented and award-winning Polish photographer, Wojtek Kwiatowski.

Please follow this link to his Facebook page for more beautiful equine images.



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All of our suppliers have a vast range of further feeds and supplements. Should you wish to order another product from any of their ranges, please contact us and we will have it included within the next supply.

White Horses Equestrian Products offer a delivery service to the Pays de la Loire, Normandy and Brittany areas. To find out more, please contact us today.