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Laminitic & Organic Feed Range by Simple System Horse Feeds

Simple System’s range of equine feeds has been developed to meet the special needs of the horse’s unique digestive system. You will find all of the products are FREE from: cereals and their by-products, pulses, molasses, preservatives and additives. The feeding system is beneficial for all breeds and types of horses, as well as addressing all the issues and levels of work that come with modern day horse management. At the same time, Simple System respects the fact that a horse is a plains-dwelling, herd-living, obligate herbivore or vegan. Simple System is the only horse feed company to have the entire range of its products registered with the Vegan Society.

Simple System’s range of feed is also suitable for laminitics, those with dental problems and the older equine.

Simple System Horse Feed range is available by ordering through White Horses.

Eclipse Recovery 5kgs  
Eclipse Recovery 10kgs  
Flexi Balance 10kgs  
Joint Eclipse 5kgs  
Joint Eclipse 10kgs  
Lunar Eclipse 5kgs  
Lunar Eclipse 10kgs  
Lucie Mints 0.5kgs  
Lucie Mints 2kgs  
Lucie Mints 10kgs  
Metaslim 10kgs  
Metaslim 20kgs  
Simple Complete (Complete Feed) 20kgs  
Top Nosh (Top Up Conditioning Feed) 20kgs  
Total Eclipse 5kgs   
Total Eclipse  15kgs   
Organic Cider Vinegar 1ltr   
Organic Cider Vinegar  5ltrs   
Garlic Granules  1kg   
Garlic Granules  5kgs   
Instant Linseed  5kgs   
Instant Linseed  20kgs   
Justamint 1kg  
Pure Organic Seaweed 5kgs  
Pure Organic Seaweed 20kgs  
Organic Salt Lick Tub 10kgs  
Summer Salt 2kgs  
Traditional Brewer’s Yeast 1kg  
Traditional Brewer’s Yeast 5kgs  
Blue Bag Grass Pellets – High Fibre   20kgs   
GreenGold – Pure Lucerne Chop  15kgs   
HayCare – High Fibre Timothy Grass Nuts  20kgs   
Lucie Brix – Compressed Lucerne Brix 20kgs  
Lucie Fibre Cubes – High Fibre Low Calorie 20kgs  
Lucie Nuts – Pure Lucerne Nuts  20kgs   
Organic Lucie Pellets – Pure Lucerne Pellets 20kgs   
Lucie Stalks – Organic Sieved Lucerne Chop 15kgs   
Meadow Brix – Compressed Grass Bricks  20kgs   
Purabeet – Unmolassed Beet Pulp Pellets  20kgs   
Red Bag Grass Pellets – High Nutrient & Energy 20kgs   
Sainfoin Pellets – High Nutrient  20kgs   
Sainfoin Brix – Compressed Sainfoin Bricks 12kgs  
Timothy Chop – High Fibre Grass Chop 15kgs   
Equine Calcified Plus (5 Per Acre) 20kgs  
Natural Grazing Mix (1 Per Acre) 13kgs