Ulsa kind Balancer

Available in 20kg Bags.

TopSpec UlsaKind cubes are formulated to be highly sympathetic to the equine digestive system, even when it is compromised by excess acidity.

The formula is very low in starch and sugar and high in fibre but still has a conditioning index of 12MJ/kg making these cubes both ‘Non-Heating’ and conditioning.

TopSpec UlsaKind cubes are ideal in those circumstances where the internal surface of the stomach has been eroded, because they contain very high levels of B-glucans which coat the stomach lining with a protective film.

These B-glucans also slow the rate of passage of feed through the stomach and intestines. In the stomach this means that the periods of time when the stomach is empty and therefore highly acidic, are reduced. It also means that the small intestine has more time to absorb nutrients, reducing the levels of carbohydrate reaching the hindgut and potentially leading to excess lactic acid production. This effect is augmented by the addition of a source of pectin to the formula.

Because the B-glucans in TopSpec UlsaKind cubes bind to sugars in the intestine, their absorption is slowed and the glycaemic index of the feed is lowered.

The TopSpec UlsaKind formula also contains 1% of a marine-derived ingredient with established buffering properties. This calcium and magnesium-rich substance has been scientifically proven to reduce the environmental acidity under simulated in vitro equine stomach digestive conditions for up to six hours.

Omega 3 fatty acids are provided by two sources of linseed and the ratio of Omega 3:6 is higher than in most traditional horse feeds. Omega 3 fatty acids are less inflammatory than Omega 6 fatty acids.

Soya oil is included in the formula as it has been scientifically proven to soothe eroded areas of the stomach lining.

The highly digestible fibre in these cubes helps to promote the beneficial bacteria in the hindgut therefore further helping to maintain a healthy hindgut environment.

Sodium, calcium and magnesium are added to the blend to provide the correct level of these major minerals. The calcium and magnesium also help to slightly negate excess acidity in the stomach.

TopSpec UlsaKind cubes are also highly suitable for any horses or ponies requiring a low-starch/high-fibre diet for other reasons; please contact our nutritionists for feeding advice relating to any specific health problems.

Helps to maintain normal digestive comfort
Helps to maintain the stomach wall from acid attack
Benefits last up to six hours after feeding
Contains scientifically proven ingredients

Prone to, being treated for or recovering from laminitis, providing they are not overweight
That exhibit ‘fizzy’ behaviour on high starch feeds
Suffering from muscle dysfunction due to high starch feeds
With digestive disturbances or intolerances caused by high starch feeds
Which are suffering from DOD and require a very low starch feed

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