ReCoup Cubes

Recoup Cubes are a whole cereal-free feed with a very low starch profile (10%) making them ideal for horses suffering from tying-up or gastric ulceration. It is suitable for feeding during convalescence, and will maintain appropriate body condition while horses are on the ‘easy list’ following an injury or a break from training/holiday.

The unique combination of soya hulls, beet pulp and fibrous cereal husk creates a feed that has a lower protein and low starch profile, whilst still providing adequate carbohydrate through fermentable fibre. Recoup Cubes can support the needs of a horse being broken in or already in training, and will help to keep them manageable and to maintain an even temperament.

Fully fortified with racing levels of vitamins and minerals, Recoup Cubes can form the basis of early fitness/light to medium work, and be used as a Sunday feed for all horses when needing to match energy intake against current workload.

Product Price: €25.00
Weight: 20 kg