Natural Rabbit Pellets

Allen and Page Natural Rabbit Pellets 20kg.

A quality complete rabbit feed from Allen and Page. This feed is made from wholesome ingredients, including mint, alfalfa, grass, linseed and oat fibre. It is a completely balanced feed with all the vitamins and minerals your rabbit needs.

Designed for pet rabbits or as a maintenance diet for any adult rabbit, these pellets should be fed with plenty of hay and constant access to clean fresh water. Prebiotics are included to assist gut health and boost the immune system, by ensuring a healthy balance of micro-organisms in the rabbit’s digestive system.

Composition: Cereal straw (treated), wheat feed, grass meal, oat fibre, expelled linseed, organic alfalfa, calcium carbonate, molasses, natural vitamins, sodium chloride, actigen, mint.

Analysis: Oil 3.25% Protein 12.00 Fibre 23.00%, High Fibre, Low Starch.

Product Price: €21.00
Weight: 20 kg