Kerx Equishure


  • Horses fed high starch / cereal-based diets
  • Horses sensitive to changes in forage / grazing
  • Horses showing signs of digestive upset or loose droppings that may have a strong smell
  • Horses that are prone to colic
  • Horses that don’t maintain weight well, or have a poor appetite


  • Time released hindgut buffer proven to reach the target organ
  • Helps to maintain a normal hindgut environment and digestive function
  • Stabilises hindgut pH to reduce the risk of hindgut disturbance
  • Encapsulated sodium bicarbonate to ensure it is released slowly as it travels through the digestive tract
  • Supports digestive health and may improve feed efficiency

EquiShure is an encapsulated form of sodium bicarbonate which is designed to directly target the hindgut of the horse. This hindgut supplement is suitable for horses showing signs of altered digestive function and those which have been diagnosed with hindgut acidosis. When horses are fed high starch rations or may consume high quantities of sugar from rich grazing, the pH of the hindgut decreases, and fibre digesting bacteria are inhibited. This decrease in pH creates an unfavourable environment for the microorganisms in the hindgut which in turn impacts on digestive and hindgut function. The unique time release mechanism has been shown to support stable hindgut pH through a targeted release of sodium bicarbonate directly into the hindgut.

Horses that are on high starch diets or those that are sensitive to high sugar levels i.e. in lush grazing, have an increased risk of hindgut disturbance and development of hindgut acidosis. A sign of impaired hindgut function can be loss of appetite or development of ‘fussiness’ towards feed. In these cases, supplementing the diet with EquiShure can help to stabilise hindgut pH and support digestive function.

Research has shown that supplementing the diet with EquiShure led to reduced faecal pH levels demonstrating that EquiShure can maintain gut balance and support a normal hindgut environment. Signs of abnormal hindgut function can include loss of appetite, change in droppings or digestive function, changes to normal behaviour, poor weight maintenance, poor coat appearance and development or expression of stereotypical behaviours, such as wood chewing.

Also available in 3.6kg tub for 138.00 Euros and 7.2kg tub for 227.50 Euros.

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