Icelandic Mix

ICELANDIC MIX is a specific feed formulated for Icelandic horses at maintenance through to light and medium work. It is low in sugar and starch but nutrient-dense with respect to the levels of quality protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Traditional horse and pony feeds tend not to be suitable for Icelandic horses due to the higher energy, starch and sugar levels together with higher minimum feeding rates. This significantly contributes towards excess body condition and increases the risk of health issues such as Laminitis. When fed alongside optimum levels of forage, Icelandic Horse Mix will provide a balanced ration and help to maintain optimum health, coat, skin and hoof condition, immune function and recovery post exercise.

ICELANDIC MIX uses a variety of different energy sources, with the emphasis on using digestible “Super-Fibres” to provide a safe source of energy that is low in sugar and starch. A low inclusion of micronized barley helps to support horses that are in a regular work programme and require a slightly higher energy level to support their work and recovery post training.

The inclusion of soya oil and linseed meal helps to support stamina, as well as helping to maintain good skin and coat condition. Icelandic Mix has high quality protein ingredients to ensure optimum provision of essential amino acids. This helps to support cell renewal, tissue and muscle repair post exercise.

There is a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants included to maintain health and vitality and yeast to support optimum fibre utilization and digestive health.

Product Price: €35.00
Weight: 20 kg