Golden Chaff

 Golden Chaff is a traditional chopped wheat straw chaff with a molasses coating and is ideal for adding to mixes or cubes to stop a horse bolting his feed and to encourage more chewing.  Its molasses content may also tempt the fussy feeder and makes it ideal where supplements or powders need mixing with the feed.

Product Price: €13.00
Weight: 12.5 kg

Product Description

White Horses Equestrian Products | Baileys Golden ChaffBaileys Golden Chaff is a naturally healthy wheat straw chaff that is suitable for rest, light moderate or hard work load.

A molasses coating makes it ideal for adding to mixes or cubes, and can tempt even the fussiest eaters.

Baileys Horse Feeds is a family-owned and run company, dedicated to working towards higher levels of nutrition for horses.