Available in 1kg tub for 37.00 Euros and 2kg tub for 67.50 Euros.

GASTRIX is formulated to maintain and support:

  • an efficient digestive system
  • balanced Ph levels
  • optimum nutrient absorption
  • horses with limited turnout or stressful environment
  • your regular worming programme

GastriX is a dry supplement containing herbs such as slippery elm, meadowsweet and cramp bark to help maintain a healthy digestive system.  In today’s fast paced world, much is expected of horses.  Many are working at high levels of fitness, frequently travelling or on concentrated protein diets.  Some are unable to cope, lose condition, appear ‘tucked up’ or fail to thrive.  

In these cases, consider using Gastri X and perhaps looking into areas of their management which may need adjusting.  Ideally all horses should have some form of turnout each day so they can relax and “be a horse”.  When put under pressure, they may have difficulty in maintaining a balanced digestive system, sometimes with very serious consequences.

Product Price: €37.00