Conditioning Cubes

CONDITIONING CUBES are formulated to a barley and whole-oat free recipe which helps to keep the starch level low. The energy (calories) in the ration is supplied through highly digestible ‘Super-Fibre’ sources for optimal digestive health and manageable behaviour. CONDITIONING CUBES also contain Equi-Jewel®, a high-fat supplement that supports low feeding rates whilst supporting optimum condition and topline development.

Quality protein sources in the ration support muscle repair and development and the inclusion of Equi-Jewel® provides a concentrated source of calories (energy) reducing the reliance on cereals (starch) to provide the energy (calories). Equi-Jewel® also provides a very effective source of essential fatty acids in the ration to support stunning skin and coat condition.

CONDITIONING CUBES are fully fortified with vitamins and chelated minerals. These minerals can help with complementing natural stress resistance and the immune system, plus improving coat bloom and skin and hoof quality. In addition, soya oil is added to improve coat and skin condition, as well as providing an additional energy (calorie) source.

Product Price: €28.00
Weight: 20 kg